The best of
two worlds?

& TV

Two brands that reinforce each other? You can take full advantage now. How? From now on combine your BASE mobile subscription with an internet and TV subscription by TADAAM. Because then you save €5 per month on your BASE bill. Not for a while, but for life!

Combine starting from €50 per month

and save €5 per month for life!

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Which TADAAM subscription do you want?

Which TADAAM subscription do you want?

1/3 2/3

Which BASE subscription do you want?

Please check the box for your BASE mobile subscription

so we can calculate your monthly total price.
I have no idea what kind of subscription I have
No problem, you’ll find your subscription in no time in your BASE customer zone. Log in and check your subscription.
My subscription isn’t included
Unfortunately your current BASE subscription cannot be combined with a TADAAM subscription. You still want to enjoy a monthly €5 benefit? Click here to switch to one of our advantageous BASE subscriptions.
I already have a prepaid card. Now what?
Would you like to enjoy the BASE+TADAAM benefits?  Then start by switching to one of our advantageous BASE subscriptions.

*Offer reserved for normal use as defined here.


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Base /month
Webdeal* -€ 10 /month

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BASE + TADAAM benefit* /month
For life

BASE + TADAAM benefit** /month
For life

Your total price /month
Your total price /month

(After 3 months your web deal expires and you pay /month)

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First order your BASE subscription and then your TADAAM subscription

*Webdeal: valid for all new BASE customers during the first 12 months of your subscription. Standard prices apply when the web deal expires.

**- €5 BASE + TADAAM benefit: both a BASE and TADAAM customer? Then you save €5 per month on your BASE bill. For life!
*- €5 BASE + TADAAM benefit: You’re both a BASE and TADAAM customer? Then you save €5 per month on your BASE bill. For life!

Already enjoying a BASE promo? Then this benefit simply comes on top of that promo!

Combining BASE and TADAAM?
That comes with a number of advantages!

It’s simple and flexible: you choose the BASE and TADAAM you need.

Your connection follows you everywhere: call, browse and watch TV at home or wherever 4G is available in Belgium.

Save money: combine BASE and TADAAM and benefit from a €5 discount on your BASE bill, every single month!

My girlfriend and I just moved in together. And there’s so much left to do ... But internet and TV? I didn’t need a technician for that. Just plug in and presto!


€50 per month for my BASE subscription and unlimited internet and TV by TADAAM... That’s practically for free! And I can take my TADAAM with me to my caravan on the coast. Just perfect!


The speed of their service surprised me. I’d only placed my order on Tuesday but my TADAAM box was delivered the very next day. And then all I had to do was plug it in. How practical!


I watch TV wherever there’s 4G. At home on my balcony but also via the app on getaway weekends to the Ardennes.


From order to payment and installation: it’s all self-explanatory.


Good to know

What do I have to do to get the €5 benefit?

Both a BASE and TADAAM customer? Follow these steps:

1.       Check if you already have a recent BASE subscription (of €15, 20, 29, 39 or 40). If not you have to make the switch first.

2.       Enter your BASE telephone number in the My TADAAM customer zone.

3.       You will receive a confirmation email and your €5 benefit will be included on your next BASE bill.

Still haven’t received your benefits? Let us know via Facebook Messenger.

I don’t have a €15, 20, 29, 39 or 40 subscription yet, I have a different BASE subscription. How can I make the switch?

What about my bill?

Every month you will receive 2 bills: one from BASE (with your €5 benefit!) and one from TADAAM.

I have more than one BASE subscription. Can I link multiple BASE numbers?

No, unfortunately you can only link one BASE number with your TADAAM subscription. 

Want to know if you have sufficient network coverage for a TADAAM subscription?

Internet by TADAAM works anywhere in Belgium. You can consult your personal situation on the coverage map of telecom regulator BIPT.

The TADAAM positioning system app gives you an idea of whether your local mobile network permits optimum use of the TADAAM service. The app also tells you where best to install your TADAAM modem.

Download the app now! – Apple

Download the app now! – Android

Can I combine this €5 benefit with other discounts at BASE?

Absolutely! Feel free to combine this benefit with a smartphone deal, web deal...

About BASE

  • BASE Facebook Messenger

    Put your question directly to an employee via Facebook Messenger. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.



€5/month benefit on the BASE bill: offer valid for private individuals who are both BASE and TADAAM customers. The offer is valid for new and existing BASE customers with a 15 Based on you, 15 Based on you + Unlimited Calling, 20 Based on you, 29 Based on you, BASE 39 and BASE Unlimited subscription, and who are also a new or existing TADAAM customer (Standard, Premium or Platinum). This offer is only valid for private use. The customer must have an active BASE mobile number and be an active TADAAM customer carrying out 1 payment per month. Registering the BASE mobile number in your TADAAM customer zone is a prerequisite for granting the benefit. The offer may not be shared with persons outside of the domestic circle. If the customer pauses TADAAM, the benefit will be temporarily cancelled for as long as the subscription is suspended. One benefit will apply per BASE mobile phone number. The benefit is calculated on a pro rata basis. The offer can be combined with other campaigns and smartphone deals. BASE & TADAAM reserve the right to modify or stop the campaign.

* Offer restricted to normal use as defined here.

BASE webdeal
Offer reserved for new BASE customers
Temporary promotion on BASE monthly plans of €15, €20, €29 and €39: offer valid from 4/07/2022 until 28/08/2022. Under condition of activation of the above BASE monthly plans, the customer benefits from a -25% discount on the monthly subscription fee for the duration of the subscription after activation.

Offer reserved for private customers who do not yet have a BASE monthly plan; customers with a BASE top-up card who want to switch to a BASE monthly plan or are coming from another operator, must not have had a BASE monthly plan for the same mobile number in the 3 months prior to subscription. This offer cannot be combined with other offers and promotions, except with the BASE+TADAAM benefit.

Offer reserved for existing BASE customers
Temporary promotion on BASE monthly plans of €15, €20, €29 and €39: offer valid from 4/07/2022 until 28/08/2022.

Offer reserved for private customers who already have a BASE monthly plan.
Under condition of migrating to a higher Base monthly plan via the My BASE app or the customer zone,  the customer benefits from 25% reduction on the monthly plan fee for the duration of the subscription after activation.

The customer will lose the discount on the monthly plan fee if he cancels his monthly plan or migrates to a lower rate plan.
This offer cannot be combined with other offers and promotions, except with the BASE+TADAAM benefit.

Special conditions of your BASE subscription
Data Jump: Any leftover credit is automatically transferred to the following month. The following month you start by using up the previous month’s leftover credit. Leftover credit can only be carried over once. If you switch tariff plans the carried over credit is not taken into account for the pro rata invoice/refund. The carried over credit expires in the event of a transfer of the agreement by the customer. Unlimited calls to BASE: unlimited call minutes to BASE customers. Offer reserved for normal personal use as defined here.

Special conditions for unlimited calling option
Option only available to customers with a BASE subscription. The amount of the chosen option is automatically added to your monthly bill. By activating the option you are entering into an open-ended contract that can be terminated free of charge at any given time. The option can only be activated once per billing period.
Unlimited calls reserved for normal personal use as defined here.

Special conditions BASE Unlimited
Unlimited* mobile data included in BASE Unlimited:
(i) Consumption in Belgium: once the consumption exceeds a volume of 25 GB/month, the customer can continue surfing at a reduced speed of 512 kbps until the next billing period;
(ii) Usage in the rest of the EU zone: when consumption exceeds 27 GB/month, the customer can continue to surf at normal speed at € 0.0030 (VAT included) per MB.
* Offer restricted to normal personal use as defined in the "Terms and Conditions for normal use in the framework of an unlimited offer".
If you change your BASE Unlimited monthly plan to another BASE monthly plan, you cannot again activate a BASE Unlimited monthly plan for the same mobile number within the same billing period.

The BASE rates include VAT and are subject to the general terms and conditions and special conditions of Telenet Group NV/SA. They are reserved for personal and private use only. After the first minute, you will be charged per second. Any inclusive minutes from BASE to BASE are only valid for use within Belgium. Any other inclusive minutes and text messages are applicable for use within Belgium (to Belgian numbers) and the EU zone (to numbers within the EU zone); any inclusive mobile data are applicable for use within Belgium and the EU zone. The international rates can be found here. Calling and texting to special numbers, as well as the use of third-party services, is not included; this usage will always be charged on top of any credit and/or bundles. To find out the rates for calls to special numbers (070, 0900, 1207,...), please contact us via the customer zone or call 1999 via BASE (free in Belgium) or +32 (0)486 19 1999 via any other network (subject to charge).

Mobile subscriptions for individuals are without fixed term contract. You may terminate your contract at any time.